“One thing I always tell my kids and my agents – If your client was your mother or father, how would you treat them? What lengths would you go to help them? We take that approach with every client.” –Pat Raitt, owner of Legacy Solutions, LLC.

Pat Raitt, owner of Legacy Solutions, talks about his employees and his kids the same way – with pride and affection. Since two of his eight local employees are his own sons, you believe him when he says, “We’re like one big family.”

Legacy Solutions’ team of local agents have been going above and beyond for their hometown people for 30 years. “When Legacy started it was all around health insurance, life insurance and annuities,” says Raitt. “We often hear people say, “We didn’t realize you work with people and their savings. We offer more services for our clients than when Legacy began.

As the company continues to grow, it stays focused on the goal it has worked toward since day one – bring solutions to the table that will not only create a legacy, but that will pass on a legacy.

“When we meet with a customer, we want to make sure we’ve touched on everything. It’s important for us to cover all of the bases.”

When Raitt bought Legacy Financial Services more than four years ago, he changed the title and created the “Covering the Bases” program, a thorough, objective approach to an individual’s needs, goals and desires.

“We recognize that everybody is different, so when we sit down with someone, we want to talk about the options that are best for them,” says Raitt.

“Covering the Bases” touches on three key points: risk management as it pertains to healthcare, wealth accumulation and wealth distribution. “As an independent agency, we can shop for our customers and customize each consumer’s options.”

Non-independent agencies only have access to a limited number of options, narrowing a customer’s choices. The agents of Legacy work to stay on top of procedures and guidelines for numerous insurance carriers, which means more work for the agents, but better options for the clients.

“It’s customer first. We combine the solutions that best suit each client’s unique needs,” says Raitt, “Everything that we do is in the customer’s best interest.”

Legacy was a pioneer in bringing Medicare Advantage plans to Siouxland. The agency held numerous meetings with area physicians and hospitals with the goal of providing their Medicare clients with more options to better suit their individual needs. “After that, Medicare Advantage plans took off,” says Raitt. “Physicians and hospitals started to accept them and now they pay an important role for Medicare recipients and their healthcare needs.”

Legacy Solutions’ efforts to stay current on the insurance industry are ongoing. “The life insurance industry is so different than it was 30 years ago,” says Raitt. Life insurance premiums have actually gone down because life expectancy has gone up. People can spend death benefits while they’re alive for chronic illness.

A common question asked of the Legacy agents is, “How do we pay for long-term care?”

The agents of Legacy Solutions are seasoned Medicare experts and always take the time to explain to their clients how Medicare works: Part A, hospital bills, Part B, physician charges, Part C, Medicare advantage and Part D, prescription drug plan.

Raitt’s advice for those curious about their finances?

“Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions. If we can’t help someone, we’ll come right out and tell them,” he says. “A lot of times, people get in a rut and think they’re stuck, and that’s not true. Nine times out of 10, when we meet with someone, we’re able to help them somewhere.”

Legacy Solutions, LLC., is located at 701 Pierce St., in downtown Sioux City. For information, contact 712-244-5250.